SXtheMadArtist EP "MAYA" released with Spaceradio Records

SXtheMadArtist 6th EP "MAYA" is finally out on Spaceradio Records.
Two beautiful tracks, chilled and energising at the same time.

Listen and support:

Released Date: 11/05/2017
Label/Record: Spaceradio Records

Music and artwork by SXtheMadArtist
Mastered at Timeless Studio

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SXtheMadArtist EP "Ripples In Space" released with BlueTunes Chillout

SXtheMadArtist "Ripples In Space" EP is carrying 3 chillout/ambient experimental tracks:

1. Chilling Spirals 10:48
2. While You Were Gone 8:14
3. Atlantic Transport 06:00

Released date: 16.12.2016
Label: BlueTunes Chillout

Facebook page:  BlueTunes Chillout
YouTube: BlueTunes Chillout

You can find it in all digital music stores, among others:
Juno Download

Music and artwork by SXtheMadArtist
Enjoy the magic trip and big thanks for the support ♫

SXtheMadArtist - Electric Auroras (ft. JemInEye) released on "Timeless Journey" VA with Visual Shamanic Records

 A 07:31 min music piece, "Electric Auroras" is written by SXtheMadArtist featuring the beautiful voice of JemInEye Incantations "Warrior of Light" & "UnifyMusicTM".

Visionary Shamanics is very happy to Present another Psychedelic downtempo, dub, shamanic, tribal, multicultural ethnic trip in


Spinning hieroglyphics inside holograms,
ancient runes found in desert sands,
we're all journeying in a timeless span,
travellers in a multidimensional land,
a distance past, times long gone,
through the future we'll wander on,
to the world there is a helping hand,
we are all one family in unity's mystery,
a multicultural heritage, that's grand,
along a galactic river of time floating by,
we're all journeying an endless cosmic sky,
etherial Travellers in a timeless span,
It's all part of the multiverses plan.
released October 4, 2016 


COVER ART - Martin Hawk
SHAMANIC POETRY - Mystical Voyager
COMPILED BY Mystical Voyager & Dubnotic

Find it here:
Visionary Shamanics Records

SXtheMadArtist - Electric Auroras (ft. JemInEye)
JemInEye Incantations : @jemineyeincantations
SXtheMadArtist: @sxthemadartist

SXtheMadArtist Original Electronic Music production 2005-2017

V/A Compilation "ZIMMER121" released including SXtheMadArtist track "Volcanos and Rivers"

#121 | v/a | 10 years later

Zimmer121 – Various Artists – 10 Years later
WAV, FLAC, mp3, 320kbps, stereo, deep, noise, minimal, techno


121.01 – Narcotic 303 – Wait
121.02 – Droneghost – Black Pill
121.03 – Abiz Sonko – Keios Befor Glouri
121.04 – Andreas Florin – Deleted Scenes
121.05 – Oscar Lopez Beat – Camel Toe
121.06 – MattK – Option
121.07 – Reloadams – Fake
121.08 – Paralytic – Hirnlappenblockade
121.09 – Dr.Cyanide – State of illness
121.10 – Bran Lanen – Positive Slope
121.11 – Pasquale Maassen – Stumpfspitzen
121.12 – Steve Pain – ABC
121.13 – Christian Mohr – No Fantasy
121.14 – ROBotron – Neptunus
121.15 – HZR – Surreal (Anniversary Version)
121.16 – Structural Form – Bad Education
121.17 – Untethered – Hectagonal Residue
121.18 – Zirkeltanz – Missing Rainbow
121.19 – rp – Dirty low Fuck
121.20 РMich̩le Jackiewicz РBlack Roses
121.21 – Oliver Martini – See you on the Dancefloor
121.22 – SXtheMadArtist – Volcanos and Rivers
121.23 – Jerzz – Zimmer Terror Attack

Free download & stream ->
Free download & stream ->

download ZIP (MP3 | 390MB)
download ZIP (FLAC | 1.1GB)
download ZIP (WAVE | 2.1GB)
Artwork (1500px)

[design: psycoded]

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Double CD V/A "25" is NOW OUT including SXtheMadArtist track "Drain Out"!

SXtheMadArtist track "Drain Out" is the 8th track of the 2nd CD of the double V/A "25" with Spaceradio Records.25th release of Spaceradio Records is a bit unusual. Sixteen awesome tracks by label residents and invited guests are split in two CDs. One is more uptempo, danceable, glitchy, with definitive beats and sharp bass lines. The second one is deep, relaxed, atmospheric and experimental. Inspiring psychedelic artwork by Arzamas aka Alexander Zhelonkin moves the compilation out of any known dimensions and time boundaries. And the final sound polishing was made by Alex Parasense, one of the pioneers of psychedelic trance.

Compiled by Uchu
Mastered by Alex Parasense
Artwork by Arzamas

Released by Spaceradio Records
Release date: 3 August 2015

Release on double - CD and in digital.
Get it here:

CD1 Preview: Spaceradio-records – Va-25-a
CD2 Preview: Spaceradio-records – Va-25-b

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SXtheMadArtist will appear at "Awaking The Lost Senses" Music Event

SXtheMadArtist will appear at the "Awaking The Lost Senses" Music Event, on 2 - 3 May 2015 at Camelot Nicosia area, organized by Sound Elements Productions.  Line up info soon!

Date: 02 - 03 May 2015
Time: 14:00 - 14:00 (May 2 at 2:00pm to May 3 at 2:00pm)
Location: Ktima Camelot, 2611 Agios Ioannis, Nicosia, Cyprus

Facebook Page & Event:
Sound Elements Productions
Awaking The Lost Senses Event

Ticket Prices:
Pre - Sale: €15 +Drink
At the door: €15
People coming before 20:00, will get a free drink and shots.

For Pre - sale tickets contact the organizers at the Facebook page.

Bar with friendly prices
Chai shop
Camping Area


*Fire is not allowed at the camping area. 
**Drinks from outside are not allowed and must stay at the entrance.

♫ Hope to see you there!