SXtheMadArtist [Electronic Soundscapes] with Guests on Casafonda Radio

A series of 2hrs sessions under SXtheMadArtist [Electronic Soundscapes] with 2nd hr Guests staring the 12th of May 2014 on Casafonda Radio. You can listen on podcast :

1| 12/05/14 SUNDAZE Gr.
Sundaze is Jimmy G. from Kos, Dhodhekanisos, Greece and he is djing since 1992.
He is also into music production and his style is close to progressive house as long as tech/house and electronic. He mixes ambient music with psychill influences.
Sundaze Tpp

2| 26/05/14 SOUND ADDICTED Gr
Dionisis Kourakos aka Sound Αddicted is from Athens Greece. He is music composer with long music studies, he plays guitar percussions and flute. He mixes downtempo psychill music and he is channeling positive vibes into the audience. Enjoy with us!

Sound Addicted:

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