SXtheMadArtist - Electric Auroras (ft. JemInEye) released on "Timeless Journey" VA with Visual Shamanic Records

 A 07:31 min music piece, "Electric Auroras" is written by SXtheMadArtist featuring the beautiful voice of JemInEye Incantations "Warrior of Light" & "UnifyMusicTM".

Visionary Shamanics is very happy to Present another Psychedelic downtempo, dub, shamanic, tribal, multicultural ethnic trip in


Spinning hieroglyphics inside holograms,
ancient runes found in desert sands,
we're all journeying in a timeless span,
travellers in a multidimensional land,
a distance past, times long gone,
through the future we'll wander on,
to the world there is a helping hand,
we are all one family in unity's mystery,
a multicultural heritage, that's grand,
along a galactic river of time floating by,
we're all journeying an endless cosmic sky,
etherial Travellers in a timeless span,
It's all part of the multiverses plan.
released October 4, 2016 


COVER ART - Martin Hawk
SHAMANIC POETRY - Mystical Voyager
COMPILED BY Mystical Voyager & Dubnotic

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Visionary Shamanics Records

SXtheMadArtist - Electric Auroras (ft. JemInEye)
JemInEye Incantations : @jemineyeincantations
SXtheMadArtist: @sxthemadartist

SXtheMadArtist Original Electronic Music production 2005-2017