SXtheMadArtist LIVE at Gaea Festival 23-26 Aug 2012 HELLAS

August 23 until August 26
Asproválta, Thessaloniki, Hellas

The Gaea Festival is a gathering place for people who consciously acknowledge the human enlightenment and who seek with others its resolution through the creation and exploration of music, sound, ideas, and actions that move Humanity toward a more harmonious relationship within our planet. The Gaea Festival is here to provide a service to the Earth - enhancing the wellbeing and flourishing of all life.
Our Aim:
• To promote and implement ways through which human beings can interact meaningfully with their environment without denying future generations their right to do the same.
• To promote a new, global consciousness which sees our entire planet as a living organism with Humankind as an integral part of the entity.
• To form an essential contribution to making life more whole, healing our planet and uplifting humanity
• Work together to employ alternative solutions that will produce a more sustainable society, contribute to the survival and sustainability of all species of our living system, the wonderful and fantastic planet – our spaceship, the planet:
• All the peace, wisdom, and joy in the universe are already within us. We're like a child standing in a beautiful park. We don't need to imagine trees, flowers, and sky. We need to open our eyes and realize that they are already here.

Land Of Wonders
Agent 17  [Echoes Records] DJ SET (SWEDEN)
Allaby [Nano Records] LIVE (BRITAN)
Aquafeel [Spin Twist Records] LIVE (GREECE)
Bevatron [Profound Records] LIVE (GREECE)
Corona [Solar-Tech Records] LIVE (SOUTH AFRICA)
Dimkal [MidiRadio] DJ SET ( GREECE)
Dj Doc [Harmonia Records] DJ SET (GREECE)
Dj Natron [Solar-Tech Records] DJ SET (GERMANY)
Dj ShaMane [Headroom Prod/YSE Records] DJ SET (Germany)
Djane Zoi [TesseracTstudio] DJ SET (GREECE)
Dr Sammy (A.W.I.MAkida Promo DJ SET (GREECE)
Divine Source [Uroboros RecordsLive (ISRAEL)
Duotekk [TIP Records/Flow Bookings] DJ SET (SWEDEN)
Egorythmia [Iono Music] Live (SKOPJE)
El Mahico [A.W.I.M] DJ SET (GREECE)
Frechbax [Electic Power Pole Records] LIVE & DJ SET (GERMANY)
Grouch [Zenon Records]  LIVE (NEW ZEALAND)
Headroom [Nano Records] Live (South Africa)
Hux Flux [Hyperflow Records] LIVE (SWEDEN)
Hyperion [Amplidudes Records] LIVE (GERMANY)
Ibojima [Hyperflow Records] LIVE (SWEDEN)
Inner State [Iono Music] LIVE (GREECE)
Ital [Antu Records] LIVE (CHILE)
J&B Project [Amplidudes Records] LIVE (GERMANY)
Monod [Prog On Syndicate] LIVE (GREECE)
Nick Pall [Movement Dark Roasted] DJ SET (GREECE)
NOK [Blue Tunes Records] LIVE (GERMANY)
Pick [Zenon Records/Jaira Records] LIVE (ISRAEL)
  PRISMA aka DJ XENU [Iono Music/Movement Dark Roasted] DJ SET (SKOPJA)
Progenitor [Iono Music] LIVE (GREECE)
Psytrain [Amplidudes Records] LIVE (GERMANY)
Reverse [Phoenix Groove Records]  LIVE (GREECE)
Rhino vs Arceus [Midiradio/MidiTown Rec] DJ SET (GREECE)
S>Range [Spiral Trax] LIVE (SWEDEN)
Sensifeel, Cyklones, Minfeel, Sensiseo [Synergetic Records] (FRANCE) Special 3h Live Set
Sensient [Zenon Records] LIVE (AUSTRALIA)
Soner [Digital Yonkies] DJ SET (GREECE)
Symphonix [Blue Tunes Records]  LIVE (GERMANY)
Tulk [Solar-Tech Records] LIVE (GERMANY)

Pangea Stage

Alwoods [Altar Records] LIVE (GREECE)
Andreas Optimus [Natural High] DJ SET (GREECE)
Astropilot [Altar Records] LIVE (RUSSIA)
Babag [Mahamaya] DJ SET (GREECE/SWISS)
Cabeiri [Altar Records] LIVE (GREECE)
C J Catalizer (Altar Records) LIVE (RUSSIA)
Chronos  [Altar Records] LIVE (RUSSIA)
Dark q [Electrocaine] DJ SET (GREECE)
Deep in Mind [Namaha Records] DJ SET (GREECE)
Dimitris KK [It Records] DJ SET (GREECE)
Elea [Space Tepee Music] LIVE (SPAIN)
Elegy [Panzar Produktionz] LIVE (ITALY)
Erot [Altar Records] LIVE (DENMARK)
Exosomatika DJ SET (GREECE)
Fishimself [Ultimae Records] DJ SET (GREECE)
Isidora Isis DJ SET (GREECE)
Junior X [IT Records /Natural High] DJ SET (GREECE)
Labs Cloud [Altar Records] LIVE (SPAIN)
Lakay [Hadra Records] LIVE (FRANCE)
Lemonchill [Altar Records] LIVE (ISRAEL)
Manolis z DJ SET (GREECE)
Max Million [Ultimae Records] LIVE (GREECE)
Miktek [Ultimae Records] LIVE (GREECE)
Odiolab [IT Records] LIVE (GREECE)
Sagma [It Records] LIVE (GREECE)
Psyfactor [Ajana Records] LIVE (RUSSIA)
Spiritual Silence [Liquid Sound Development/Psyhooligans] DJ SET (GREECE)
Suduaya [Altar Records] LIVE (FRANCE)
SXtheMadArtist LIVE (CYPRUS)
Stereo Hypnosis [3angle]  LIVE (ISLAND)
Sygnals [Audio Ashram/Sonic Loom]  LIVE (GREECE)
Terra Nine [Altar Records] LIVE (NEW ZEALAND)
Zymosis [Awakening] LIVE (UKRAINE)

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