NOW OUT! SXtheMadArtist Photograpsy Album

SXtheMadArtist Photograpsy 4 track EP
Release date: 05/09/2014
Label: Spaceradio Records
Catalog #:

1| Blind Senses - SXtheMadArtist
2| Danzing Dawn - SXtheMadArtist
3| Forest of Lunix - SXtheMadArtist
4| Exorbitant - SXtheMadArtist

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Music and artwork by SXtheMadArtist
Released by @Spaceradio-Records ,
Mastering @Astropilotmastering

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SXtheMadArtist [Electronic Soundscapes] with Guests on Casafonda Radio

A series of 2hrs sessions under SXtheMadArtist [Electronic Soundscapes] with 2nd hr Guests staring the 12th of May 2014 on Casafonda Radio. You can listen on podcast :

1| 12/05/14 SUNDAZE Gr.
Sundaze is Jimmy G. from Kos, Dhodhekanisos, Greece and he is djing since 1992.
He is also into music production and his style is close to progressive house as long as tech/house and electronic. He mixes ambient music with psychill influences.
Sundaze Tpp

2| 26/05/14 SOUND ADDICTED Gr
Dionisis Kourakos aka Sound Αddicted is from Athens Greece. He is music composer with long music studies, he plays guitar percussions and flute. He mixes downtempo psychill music and he is channeling positive vibes into the audience. Enjoy with us!

Sound Addicted:

SXtheMadArtist: / coming soon

CasaFonda Radio:

SXtheMadArtist Guest on Midiradio

On Friday 28th of March 

at 20:00 gmt+2  



on MidiRadio

Enjoy an hour exclusive with SXtheMadArtist music productions 2005-2014 



SXtheMadArtist Guest on Human Pagan Stories on DiceRadio

Tonight Friday 21 March 2014 
SXtheMadArtist Guest 
on Human Pagan Stories 

at 22:30 gmt+2

with Argy Echosense 
on Dice Radio 

An exclusve session  with SXtheMadArtist Experimental Music Productions.
Stay Tuned!

Listen here: 
Article: SXthemadartist Guest on Dice

SXtheMadArtist Appears on V/A compilation 'VA - Digital United Forces' by Fantastic 5 Recs

A psychedelic electronic music FREE for download compilation that contains tracks from many sub-genres and styles of  psy scene.

01.The Paco Project - Intergalactic Synapsis
02.Statmatica - Alone In The Forest
03.Aries - Save My Soul
04.Frequencyjammers - And Counting...
05.PsadA - Carrie
06.Double Polarity - Burning
07.Mind Doctors On Acid - High Anxiety
08.Plasma Force - Deco Reactive
09.Psytuga - Eeke De Jong
10.Hotep - Morning Birds
11.Spektral Gaze - Solar Flare
12.Dolby Monks - Space Singers
13.Aries - We Have Contact
14.SXtheMadArtist - Magic Flowers [ComBreak]
15.The Paco Project - What Is Real

[total running time: 1:51:50]

Mastered: Mushlight Studios, Greece.
Artwork by: Alexis
*track no.6 produced by Har-el Prusky and Eyal Yaniv (Double Polarity)

Compiled by: dj Django
Label: Fantastic 5 Records
Format: Digital FREE Download
Release Date: 8 March 2014 

Download links: Digital United Foces DigitalUnitedForces_F5Rec

This compilation is for digital free download only, you don't have my permission to sell it, reproduce it in any hard form
like vinyl or cd with the purpose to sell it or collect any royalties. Contact me for any inquires or licences.

e-mail: django_zirou[at]
Official F5rec link:

SXtheMadArtist Appears on V/A compilation "The 14 Dragon Tales" by Spaceradio Records
 V/A compilation " "The 14 Dragon Tales" by Spaceradio Records 

















Spaceradio Records invites you to a round-the-world psy-chill journey with our first full-length VA compilation. Nineteenths label’s release, “The 14 dragon tales” is an unique over 1.5 hours musical artwork made by talented artists. Carefully chosen and perfectly mastered these tracks will definitely make you mark compilation as “favourite” and listen to it again and again. Without any doubts this new VA has to be in a collection of every psy-chill connoisseur.



released 25 February 2014
Mastered at
Artwork by Ilia Izachik-Isaev
Compiled by UCHU

Spaceradio Records is an independent record label. Psychedelic Chillout.
Music for the space travel.

SXtheMadArtist Appears on V/A compilation "Explorations in Dub" by Dubophonic NetLabel

The first compilation of dub-o-phonic is a musical journey to some unknown areas of dub music. Compiled by Dub Thomas, “Explorations in Dub” tries to find the hidden elements of dub music in musical genres, where under normal circumstances no dub is existent. This release might not comply with the “conventional” dub reggae as we know it. Being the tenth release of the label, Dub Thomas selects tracks with a strong experimental musical vibe, staying truthful to the future sound of the label.

The compilation includes seventeen tracks from artists scattered in the various corners of the globe: Daidalos One (CY), SXtheMadArtists (CY), Ras Robin Dennis (NL/CY), Dub-I (RUS), Dub Riots (GR), Green Glow (MEX), Hernibernie (BEL), Knoto (JP), Mr Mefistou (PR), Negro Priraña (MEX), Rakoon (FR), Red Barrio (ES), Roots Dubbing Project (BRA), The Dubbstyle (ARG) and Twixymillia (FWI).

[DPH010] Various - Explorations in Dub

Included in this compilation is Dub-I’s “Rididub Master” in a new extended version, serving not only as a musical flashback to our first release, but also as a starting point for the dubs to follow, while the jazz/ambient tracks of Hernibernie and SXtheMadArtist (the cover art designer of the release) are perhaps at the highest innovation point. Knoto manages to strip a famous reggae song down to its basic beat elements keeping the melody as a sweet buzz in your head. Daidalos One offers an atmospheric intermission, Ras Robbin Denis fuses an ethnic/ambient feel, Dub Across Borders blips and clicks, Negro Pirana dubs the blues, Mr Mefistou builds up slowly a dubbed step, Green Glow steps it up, Twixymillia rewinds it, while Dub Riots, Roots Dubbing Project, The Dubbstyle, Rakoon and Red Barrio transform irie melodies into experimental dubscapes.

“Dub means experimentation with sound. From the first innovations of King Tubby to the unorthodox techniques of Lee "scratch" Perry, dub has always been evolving, influencing many of the musical genres of our century, whether these are called Hip-Hop, Electronica, Fusion or even World/Ethnic music. This is a journey into the world of dub!” - Dub Thomas

We R NoT - SXtheMadArtist
Track Mastering: George Ellinas

Dubophonic Netlabel
Artist: Various Artists (compiled by Dub Thomas)
Title: Explorations in Dub
Cat: [DPH010]
Genre: Dub/Fusion/Experimental/Electronica
Country: Various
Release date: 30-11-2013
CC Licenses-by-nc-nd/3.0
Art Design: theArtConcept aka SXtheMadArtist

SXtheMadArtist Special Guest on Psyradio

SXtheMadArtist  Guest on

Saturday 16.11.13 
at 18:00 GMT+ 2

"Luminous In Orb


2 hours session exclusive with my 
music productions mixed  for PsyRadio

Enjoy with me
Listen :

SXtheMadArtist Guest on Strom:kraft Radio

Wednesday 06.11.13 
at 19.15 gmt+2

SXtheMadArtist  guest on 
"GIRL POWER MIX"radio show 
Hosted by Planet X

on  [

High Quality Streaming 320 kbps Session Exclusive with my Experimental Musicas 

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